TrustedAudio is now FREE TO USE!

May 13, 2017


We’re proud to announce that from now on you can use TrustedAudio services free-of-charge! If you are private or small business user, signing and analyzing up to 250 minutes of audio per month, you don't need to pay a penny! No obligations. No payments. Register and use for free.

The offer applies to all users, including existing and newly registered.


There are only a few conditions. The free use is offered:

There is no tricks. We automatically refill your balance up to 300k credits every month in case your use of TA did not exceed the limits.

You will need to refill your balance yourself (by purchasing coupons) only if your use of TA exceeds the limits stated above.

Please note: we are continuously monitoring activity on our servers and reserve the right to discontinue TA service for users acting unfairly. We also reserve the right to resume collecting standard service payments at any time. In such event, we undertake not to charge users retroactively.