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Prices and fees

If you exceed the free usage limits listed here, pricing scheme described below will apply.

Pricing structure and logic

Trusted Audio is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) system offering both free and paid services. TA offers subscription-free, transparent and clear pricing with no hidden fees.

Each registered TA user has a balance of credit points. The TA system operates only with a user’s credit points and never applies any charges to a user’s credit card or other payment means. User can use paid TA services as long as the account balance is positive. The balance can be refilled by purchasing “digital coupons” for a specific number of credit points via a TA-authorized e-commerce provider.

Each new user obtains free bonus credit points upon registering with TA.

The public signature retrieval service is free to all TA visitors and does not require registration.

All other TA services are provided only to registered users. Users are charged for the following operations (separately or in combination, where applicable):

Users are offered the following bonuses:

Upon reaching zero balance, the user’s sharing links will stop working. Any files stored in the file repository are preserved for a period of 10 days (while the balance will continue decreasing into negative territory for storing the files in the repository). After 10 days, all files and links are removed from the server.

Pricing, charges, quotas and bonuses

File signing (watermarking) and format conversion charges
  Watermarked delivery1credits per minute of audio 11
  Non-watermarked delivery1credits per minute of audio 3
File storage charges
  File hosting in the TA Repository, hosting of shared files (file-links) (above N free Mb storage limit)credits per Mb/day0.12
File analysis/authentication, signature (watermark) retrieval and publicity charges
  Private watermark scan/authentication/retrieval (above M free daily minutes of audio)credits per minute of audio 10
  Private watermark scan/authentication/retrieval with extra-deep audio analysis (for distorted audio)credits per minute of audio 15
  Public watermark scan/authentication/retrieval credits per minute of audio 0
  One digital signature made publiccredits per file (signature)40
Traffic charges
  File upload charge (from the Internet to TA) 2credits per Mb0.07
  File download charge (from TA to the Internet) 2credits per Mb0.12
Limits and quotas
  Free daily limit of watermark scan/authentication/retrieval, Mminutes of audio15
  Free file storage in files repository, N Mb200
  Negative balance limit 3credits-1000
  Upon account registrationcredits300000
  Upon first balance refill on account registered by invitation from existing TA usercredits50000
  Upon first balance refill by the invited partycredits50000


1 applies to all kinds of file delivery options including delivery by mail with attachment, by mail with direct link, by download of processed file or by means of shared link to the TA file repository

2 traffic charges apply on top of service charges (where applicable); each single upload/download counts as a minimal corresponding credit charge

3 with a negative balance, the account is partially limited; only file downloads and storage keep working (until the maximum negative limit is reached)

Example: Delivery of one audio track (30 Mb .WAV file, 44100Hz/16bit/stereo, 3:00 long) in a form of watermarked MP3 file to 2 separate recipients implies the following charges:

Credit points balance refill pricing

Volume pricing

We offer volume discounts to customers operating with significant amounts of files an data. Please contact us for more details and terms.

TA reserves the right to update and modify this pricing at any time without notice.